Routes to Business Growth Kit

RtBG_bufferedFor years I have been researching the core drivers, key influence factors and significant impact points that cause most of the business growth for entrepreneurial companies, women-owned businesses and Fortune 1000 companies.

I have discovered answers to questions such as:

  • “What makes some businesses supremely and significantly outperform other similar businesses in an industry, niche or local market?”
  • “What needs to happen to turn a reactive, mostly tactically oriented, idealistically run, but under-performing business into the opposite?”
  • “Specifically, what are the most important and valuable action steps this entrepreneur must take in order to begin moving her company’s performance into the upper quartile of this niche, industry or local market because that’s her dream?”

The answers are often as surprising and varied as the business people who pose them to me.

Through collaborative research with clients such as Harvard University, Nestle USA, as well as hundreds of entrepreneurs, family-owned and woman-owned businesses, I have identified clear routes to business growth and success. These are ways of strategically thinking and acting. They occur at specific decision points within the control of the entrepreneur that lie at the intersection of the company, the management team, staff, and the customers of the organization.

It is where everything you are doing comes together, collides and either moves you in the direction you want to go, or not. It is at this intersection that your customers’ reactions will make or break your company. And this happens at thousands and thousands of interaction points in businesses everywhere.

I discuss how to use these interaction points strategically to grow your business in my complimentary Routes to Business Growth Kit, which you can obtain and consume here: Routes to Business Growth Kit

In Routes to Business Growth I also discuss…

How to own your wave.

How do you have a better ride on the same wave all of your competitors so desperately want their companies to ride on too?

Do you do it by waiting to see what will happen in your industry, market, locality, or in the economy?


Do you do it by responding more quickly to change?


You do it NOT by reacting to change, but by CREATING change.

You get to that wave first.

When you do, you own the wave.

Catching a wave really means you’re already behind it.

I want you in front of it.

Here are some examples:

  • When you take actions to move your company’s performance to the upper quartile of your industry, you own your wave.
  • When you stop the money leaks in your business and use that found resource to fund a new growth strategy, you own your wave.
  • When you initiate a newer and more successful business model in your local market or industry, you own your wave.
  • When you change the approach in the ad, social media strategy, email, or other work-horse marketing vehicle you’ve been using, and you then begin pulling in 27% more new client leads without any further expense, you own your wave.
  • When your service business brings in clients three times more often and their client acquisition cost decreases, you own your wave.
  • When you increase the complexity, quality and consistency of the problems you are solving for your clients, or the value of the opportunities you make available for them, your reward, profit, income and good will rise and you own your wave.


These are just a few examples of what it means to own your wave.

To perform at a higher level than you were yesterday, you need more clarity today, or you’ll risk hitting a sticking point tomorrow. You need constant clarity with which to become a faster and better leader.

Companies that show their customers how to ride their own wave never have to play catch up because they clearly understand their customers better than their competitors do, they deliver more value and they know where they are going.

I share more about creating positive driving change and using the power of your business growth wave to drive your business forward in my complimentary Routes to Business Growth Kit, which you can obtain and consume here: Routes to Business Growth Kit

Here’s more about Routes to Business Growth… to help give you a preview of the clarity my clients experience during my advisory sessions and to help educate you in my business building and reinvention methods, I have painstakingly taken over 10,000 pages of my research, strategies and methods, then distilled them down into a deeply dissected assessment of the driving forces of a few of my most provocative philosophies.

I asked a group of my most trusted clients what they believed my complimentary Routes to Business Growth Kit would be worth to you, an executive, entrepreneur, or CEO, or small business owner, if you were to study them fully and apply them to your business endeavors. The answer I received was $2,000+.

Now these clients are completely biased because I have helped them engineer windfalls, breakthroughs, incremental increases, and at times small, but important marginal improvements--many I’ve helped for years on end.

They are successful people. Some of them own the number one or two companies in their respective fields. Some I even talk about, implicitly and explicitly, in Routes to Business Growth. But I really don’t expect you to believe that my materials are worth as much as my clients feel they’re worth to you... yet.

Because I want you to be the full beneficiary, I knew you would be more excited, energized and motivated to delve into my Routes to Business Growth Kit, pick through the gems and consume my materials entirely, study them more deeply, if you understood exactly how much value my best clients place on my approaches. Once you have read them for yourself, you’ll be able to judge for yourself. I’m not sure what you’ll say. But I believe that you’ll have experienced a small, but meaningful taste of the power my methods have in an advisory situation to help you grow and reinvent your business.

In keeping, I insist on buying you full access to this introduction of my business growth and reinvention methods. So for a short time I am sharing my Routes to Business Growth Kit with you on a completely complimentary basis.