The Business Examination

ARD_bufferedMy Fullest, Most Thoughtful, and Rigorous Business Growth Analysis


If your company has been fully operational for a year or more, you desire to grow your business, profit and performance in new ways, due to a maturing business or market, to find untapped opportunities, or you are experiencing one or more sticking points or problems The Business Examination will provide the fresh outside perspective and objective expert recommendations you need.

For small, mid-sized to large companies alike, The Business Examination is best utilized for leading and better managing profitable growth initiatives with entrepreneurs, CEOs and/or senior teams.

I have developed an exceptionally unique, and rigorous patented analytical business methodology enabling a comprehensive examination, evaluation and critical analysis of key performance factors, core drivers, efficiency components, consistency issues, overlooked opportunities and hidden, under-performing assets, and other forces affecting your business. But it’s the hands-on, up-close and personal way I conduct my analysis that provides my clients with a positive, energizing and special experience.

The Business Examination gives you and your company the basis for prominently growing your business. It is hard for an insider to be objective about their business. The Business Examination provides a unique fully dissected analysis of every layer of your company based on the key problems you want to solve.

You will clearly see what needs to be changed, what can be leveraged and how to grow and monetize your business in new ways.

At the end of The Business Examination, you will receive over one hundred pages of data, with valuable details you will refer to for years to come, and each time you review the report you will glean new perspectives and gain different insights. You will receive the utmost strategic performance recommendations for reinventing, improving and growing your business. The Business Examination Report culminates with my crown jewel Statement of Professional Opinion and Reinvention Recommendations, providing objective and strategic insights for significant business growth with specific ways to monetize your business.

Problems solved by The Business Examination recently, include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Professional review of current business model for full visual and strategic analysis, followed by providing business model recommendations to accommodate, guide and sustain growth
  • Setting the foundation and direction for new growth by fully evaluating the worth of the tangible and intangible, utilized and under-utilized assets and developing the proper strategy expansion of the business
  • Creating the conditions to make earnings and growth equally important and attainable priorities
  • Identifying and removing growth impediments, especially during times of industry, or market disruption
  • Developing strategic direction for joint ventures, licensing, distribution partnerships, and asset sharing, marketing and promotional arrangements
  • Evaluating present business performance areas, including ROI, ACAC©, Quartile Performance Analysis, and other key control measures to improve performance
  • Analysis of current planning and tracking systems with full recommendations for the attainment of each area
  • Providing specific action plans with “path of least resistance” recommendations for generating new business, customers, profits and ways to better monetize existing strategic relationships
  • Creating preeminent market distinction and competitive differentiation recommendations with new ways to become more relevant and valuable to your customers by providing measured ROI

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