Strategic Growth Executive Profile

SGEP_bufferedDuring his role as an advisor to Fortune 1000, mid-sizes, gazelle (fast growing) and entrepreneurial companies, Allen developed one very critical observation about people and their businesses. He noticed entrepreneurs and executives who clearly understood their own natural talents had more significant business and financial breakthroughs more often. Fully self-aware executives had a greater sense of certainty, direction and were more focused on sustaining forward momentum.

When most people fail to meet their business goals, they often say that it is because they “didn’t have the resources.” Allen finds that top performers are better able to get into flow by engaging resourcefulness, even when resources are seemingly scarce. The Strategic Growth Executive Profile empowers individual executives, entrepreneurs and teams to discover how they work best.

We help them identify and finesse through sticking points in reaching their desired business outcomes faster. We help them discover their own natural style for communication, working with others, taking action, and getting results with recommendations for further improvement.

The best leaders give their people the freedom to be themselves. Synergy within organizations, for example, between sales and marketing teams doesn’t happen by chance. It requires the right combination of people, each of whom fully understands their natural talent and how to use it in the role they play inside the organization. That has never been easy to identify, until now.

The Strategic Growth Executive Profile examines and studies the executive’s tendencies and personal style for creating bigger breakthroughs for the organization so that breakthroughs occur on purpose and at regular intervals. Harnessing breakthroughs will build confidence, encourage safe risk taking and add greatly to innovation and profits within companies.

The Strategic Growth Executive Profile includes a full Sticking Points Analysis to help the executive break through organizational paralysis and the low-action-taking inertia that often occurs when someone experiences a sticking point further preventing the achievement and attainment of a desired goal. As a result most people in companies get stuck in similar areas over and over again. Some entrepreneurs describe this problem as “feeling stuck,” “feeling like I still need to get ready, but am not there yet,” or “feeling unsure about what to do next,” “I feel I am in a fog,” etc. These are only some of the symptoms experienced when encountering a sticking point. Even if the symptoms of the sticking point are noticed, leaders usually don’t have the psychological tools or training that will help the team member turn their sticking point around, to get them moving once again.

Eighty-seven percent of the executives in Allen’s private Executive Habits Study, conducted in 2013 of Fortune 1000 executives claimed have experienced regular sticking points throughout the year. This has increased five percent since 2012, which correlated to workload increases and overwhelm, in the same study.

The Strategic Growth Executive Profile includes the full profile and analysis, a thirty-page profile report and a consultation for implementing the results of the profile with individual executives, or in a group setting, whichever is preferred by the client.