ARD_bufferedFocused, non-linear, creative, logical, respectful, engaging, positive, energizing, a Godsend, fun, professional, practical, valuable, genius, peak performer. (a few of the words used by clients to describe Allen’s Advisory Services)

Organizations seek Allen to help them establish growth measures and milestones, create the recommendations and conditions for growth, provide new ways to fund new growth, derive more value by focusing and increasing growth skills across the entire business, influence their employees to perform better and to help them understand and connect better with their customers, while making growth part of the DNA of the business.

Allen’s patented Valuation-to-Transformation approach to business growth gives organizations exclusive access to a new way to understand the highest potential value of every aspect of the business, in order to create total focus on business and profit growth.

As a trusted advisor and thought leader to many CEOs, and executives, Allen helps leaders to guide their organizations to attain new levels of growth and success.

Through his discovery and reinvention process, Allen uncovers significant organizational sticking points, challenges and problems that may otherwise go unrecognized.

By finding, articulating and capturing more value for your organization Allen’s recommendations guide and empower growth initiatives you are leading. Major decision areas--tangible, and intangible assets, key impact points, growth factors, existing and potential opportunities, all performance determinants, core drivers, efficiency components, consistency issues, overlooked opportunities, hidden, and under-performing assets, including critical, and ancillary forces, from demand, to competition and many others--affecting your business will be fully examined for reinvention, improvement and redeployment inside and outside of your organization.

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