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What would happen if you put the 25 baddest sports collectibles founders in the world in the same room for 2 days, 3 times per year and openly shared everything? How you got where you are. What you were working on. Exactly what you need help with.

What if you did deals with partners that not only had access to the biggest and best potential acquisitions, but the knowledge and means to acquire them at little to no out of pocket cost.

THIS is GetGoing 25.

The Founding Team

Terry Dunn

Founder, GetGoing 25

Sports Collectibles Investor with $250M+ lifetime management, partner of GetGoing Ventures, LLC and partner in GetGoing NOW, Inspiration Calls, Transformation Acquisitions, scaling and expanding brands in the sports collectibles space.

Allen D'Angelo M.S.

Founder, GetGoing 25

Sports Collectibles Investor with $200M+ lifetime management, Founder of GetGoing Ventures, LLC and principal in GetGoing NOW, Archer Ellison, Inc, Transformation Acquisitions, founder and/or co-founder of rapidly scaling sports collectible brands. Recent acquisitions include Helios Group, MarketProLIVE, Concordia Financial Exchange and Accelerate Financial Group.

Event Format

Each event is held at a 5-star location with lots of time for fine food, drink and just hanging out. However, once we get rolling its all business. The agenda is split into 30 and 60-minute time blocks with 50% of them structured and 50% dynamic. This combination allows us to consistently focus on “The Core Four, the principles fundamental to ALL sports collectibles businesses, while leaving time to address the specific needs of our fellow mastermind members. The meetings are fast-paced, interactive and focused on getting results.

We also do deals together and spend time each mastermind bringing each other opportunities, analyzing brand and strategy fit and discussing creative financing options, including $0 out-of-pocket acquisitions.

Below are typical elements from each meeting.

  • Core Four Principle #1: GEO-MARKETING & MEDIA BLITZ - If you are not at the top of the minds of the collectors in your local market by permeating the local media, social media, and marketing proactively to collectors in your area you’re losing every day. Each meeting we will focus on exactly that, with emphasis on methods for creating a word of mouth frenzy that leads to growth.
  • Core Four Principle #2: SCALE - Successful sports collectible business owners know that scaling profitably is typically limited by either people, systems or money. We will look collectively and individually at each component to prepare for, and address potential bottlenecks prior to them constraining your growth.
  • Core Four Principle #3: PROFIT - Having a large "top line" means very little. The real value of your brand is determined by the growth of your "bottom line". That means you put more money in your pocket. Whether it's more effective appraisals, grading and valuations, better expense management, or using new ways to find prestige "high-ticket" buyers, we will focus on increasing profitability every meeting.
  • Core Four Principle #4: SELL - Most sports collectibles founders looking for quick cash have already exited to one of the new private equity aggregators in the industry. What's left are people like us, looking to dramatically grow the enterprise value, organically or through aquisitions, of their brands to create generational wealth. Each session we will look at key factors driving your brand value so you can exit profitably and rapidly when your time comes.
  • Problem or Opportunity - Pick 1 - the beginning of each event each member will tell the group the #1 problem they want to solve or the #1 opportunity they want to seize. At the end of Day 2 we check in to make sure it's "handled".
  • Elite Deal Network - $0 (OOP) - In addition to helping each other inside our respective businesses, the GetGoing 25 is a high-end deal network. Our favorite type of deal is the $0 out-of-pocket acquisition, a rapid growth strategy that utilizes market position, leverage and skills taught by GetGoing 25 Co-Founders, Allen D'Angelo and Terry Dunn.
  • INSANELY GENIUS! - Each member will be asked to submit one strategy that they are using in their business to get proven, documented next-level results. The top 3 ideas will be presented to the membership at the end of each event with the winner, based on a vote from the members, will be crowned the event "INSANELY GENIUS!"
  • Collective Master Resources - Need a great source for inventory collections financing? Want to move your warehouse to a trade-free zone to reduce tariff expenses? Need a great sourcing appraiser or a paid media expert? Need Moore supplier clout and buying power? The mastermind will use its' collective knowledge and bargaining power to secure the best deals on the best resources in the industry.

The Worlds' Most Exclusive eCommerce
Mastermind Is Here!

  • Exclusive deal network. Acquire brand-building assets at scale with $0 out-of-pocket acquisitions.
  • 8 and 9-figure Sports Collectibles founders ONLY!
  • Member-only membership site and access to private Facebook Group
  • No guests allowed (without prior approval)
  • 5-star meeting locations, food beverage and entertainment included
  • No services providers, aggregators, joint venture partners or substitutions allowed
  • All additional events, workshops, courses, trainings, etc. included!
  • Strictly limited to 25 members (forever!)


It's MORE than just live events...

We want our elite mastermind members to have EVERY competitive advantage over the competition. So, in addition to 3 live, 2-day events, each member will also receive...

GetGoing 100 Subscription

GetGoing 100 is our mid-tier accelerator with sellers doing 1 to 5 million dollars per year in revenue, and includes valuable resources, trainings and other support material. Every GetGoing 25 member will receive a GetGoing 100 subscription (normally $995/month!) and proprietary growth benefits at $5,000 value. We are even waiving the $995 set-up charge.

Mastermind-Only Members Dashboard

Each member will receive the logins to a Mastermind-only membership site where they can access all of the recordings, spreadsheets, checklists, SOP's, etc. created or used in the mastermind.

Private Community

All GetGoing 25 members will be added to an exclusive private Facebook group to network and collaborate with all other members.



GetGoing Member #1

Started, scaled and sold 3 locations for 7 and 8-figures

$10M plus in lifetime sales

GetGoing Member #2

Sold over $180M in sports collectibles

40,000 customers online. Dominates three card niches.

GetGoing Member #3

$25M+ in annual box break sales

100X amplification of social prescence

GetGoing Member #4

$40K to $6M in 2 years on Ebay and Shopify.

Media buying and marketing funnels.

GetGoing Member #5

$0 to $10M within 24 months.

Online dominance with SOPs and systems.

GetGoing Member #6

Hundreds of thousands of collections sold.

Masterful international online marketing to high-end collector base.

GetGoing Member #7

$20M online direct sales
per year.

Social media marketing reach of 20M gained.

GetGoing Member #8

Broke 7-figures in multiple collectible categories

GetGoing Member #9

High 6-figures in multiple locations with ONE category.

GetGoing Member #10

Gained 20% margin buying power over 12 months from major suppliers.

GetGoing Member #11

7-figures per year category leader in one of the hottest categories

GetGoing Member #12



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