Allen D'Angelo is an entrepreneur, angel investor, founder of his own investment bank, marketer and the creator of Automated Interest Response Engagement (AIRE), which is an artificial intelligence marketing method that escalates your sales cycle by sensing and customizing marketing based on your prospect's connection and response to specific interactions with you.

He is a highly sought-after direct response digital marketing consultant by digital marketing agencies, Fortune 5000, INC 5000, and countless entrepreneurs for delivering amazing direct response advertising and promotion results.


Hello, I am Allen D'Angelo. It's good to have you here.

It's always interesting to read the page on a web site where people tell you about themselves.

When I sat down to write this page this morning, the idea of writing about myself in the third person felt strange to me.

So I thought I would just talk to you as I do when I am face to face with someone I appreciate and who trusts me as a friend and business confidant.

I'd much rather be speaking with you about your business life. There's a lot I'd be curious to learn about...

I'd ask whether or not you have a business now. If you do, I'd ask you to what degree you see your marketing as a high-return investible asset.

I'd be interested to learn what keeps you up at night, or what compels you to get up in the morning.

Talking all about my highest accomplishments with INC 5000 and Fortune 5000 companies does little good, unless I am sharing a case study you could apply to something important.

Talking about myself, or my academic degrees, doesn't add value for you, or get you any closer to the results you crave most in your business.

So I'm not going to do that.

Now in case you're wondering...

Can this person get results for me?

For many readers, my answer is a flat out... NO.

Here's Why I Say This...


    You're serious about creating meaningful value through automated marketing for your
    prospects and customers.

    I'm not sure why so many people equate selling or getting inquiries on the Internet as a way to make quick sales and fast cash.

    I understand. It's tempting. But no one should.

    When I started one of the very first services businesses on the Internet in 1995, it was tempting to think this way.*

    The many awkward times I had been in front of bad marketers and sales people--and their pitches--made an impression on me.

    Some had taken their toll on me. There were those who used offensive techniques, while others tried hard to sell me something I didn't want or need.

    A lot of people and businesses on the Web sort of became like that, then, and are still like that now.

    As competition grew many tried to cut through the communicative clutter by getting louder. Unfortunately, some marketers got pushier. Some sold harder. Others came across as salesy and sleazy.

    For many I witnessed a sort of lemming effect kick in, where some marketers rushed to use (I mean steal) many poorly devised marketing and selling practices of the other “not-so-hot” marketers. Many went out of business.

    Of the old-school marketers remaining in business... over the past decade, as customer values shifted, these marketers failed to update their practices by adapting to changes in the ways customers were responding differently.

    The world has turned on its head for many marketers today--and most still have no real fire-power for dealing with all of the present and coming digital changes.

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of well-meaning marketers who are still way behind. Most rarely figure out just how far behind they are until it's too late.

    In my case, I decided I never wanted to operate my business without focusing intently on what is most valuable to my prospects and customers.

    I locked-down on creating value that was most meaningful for customers. I listened to the customer.

    I was delighted to discover that my customers responded to things like integrity, high-touch service extras, invitations to build real relationships and specific techniques that gave faster results. So I built this into my marketing.

    All of that came through more trust-worthy marketing.

    I eventually discovered that combining integrity-based approaches with digital marketing automation could do virtually all of the heavy sales lifting for my businesses.

    As I look around, I see gaps in the strategy of most business enterprises. The gaps often cause an immediate loss of goodwill that robs the net profits of well-meaning teams. Because their marketing doesn't produce bankable results, even if their initial selling efforts work well, the losses multiply quickly in this fast-paced digital age.

    In many companies the present earnings pale in comparison what the company could and should be earning. When this happens... Sales gets nipped. Customers defect.

    These business leaders often know something's not right, but don't know exactly what's wrong. They wonder why they are so concerned about certain things--such as why they feel they cannot afford to hire more sales people, or why they have a great margin on their products or services, but little cash to use as working capital.

    You must think differently. You must build out income-generating marketing assets and automation with the same dedication as you do when you build out your manufacturing facility, or products, or services, or sales force, or telemarketing centers... or ______________ (fill-in the blank for yourself).

    You're starting to get the picture here... right? I certainly hope so.

    This lift most business leaders are looking for begins with focusing on the DNA of marketing, which is creating meaningful value for customers.

    With automation and data as marketer, I  take this to a very sophisticated level with the right strategy--for a company.

    The job of the marketer is very simple. It is to foster the feeling of appreciation among customers for the value given to them. Customers (I prefer to call them clients) must give your company credit for this in their minds, which then must reflect positively on the product and business, before they'll buy.

    Great marketers understand the need to deliver value and goodwill, before customers may even recognize a need for the offering.

    After the first purchase, this dance or exchange of goodwill must continue to occur through our product and services and in continuing marketing efforts--whereby at certain key points in time, customer are compelled to come back.

    Conducting business today with only personal selling, or without digital marketing, limits sales potential more than business owners or investors know.

    When I started as an angel investor I only provided capital to companies. They performed well. But later when I brought high-yield direct digital marketing automation and advertising assets to those same business, the same companies grew by thousands of percentage points more.

    As an investor, I didn't realize how much greater leverage these marketing assets would bring to the performance of our sales teams until I put a few into action.

    Perhaps as a marketer you would benefit from the self-realization that in the past there have been missed opportunities by not adding well-orchestrated automated direct digital marketing to your business.

    So if you’re not willing to commit to actively creating value in advance through your marketing and making a serious commitment to automating your marketing, I probably won't be able to help you very much.

    *In case you're curious, I built up three successful publishing services companies, then sold two of them to a large company in 2013. That year I began as an angel investor and later on I started my investment bank... I'll share more on this later on.

    You're actively advertising and promoting, and you're willing to admit your results should be way better, when you know it's true.

    Now, I'm not here to sell you advertising. I was the first to buy HULU to get rid of the ads. I am the first person to round-file junk mail and email.

    Yes, I do carefully watch and keep files on the good stuff... but only the good stuff.

    Why am I a critic of marketing? For the same reasons you and everyone else are. We all think we're great marketers. We lack time. We have no perceived need for the ad. It's not of interest. The message seems irrelevant. The list goes on.

    The less relevant the ads, promotions and bits of marketing we receive, the more we feel they are an interruption to our day.

    If you're marketing is not automated and you don't have a winning strategy for how to use digital marketing in business right now... you're torching dollars.

    I will tell you how I freed myself in business... and how every day I work with entrepreneurs and large companies, giving them seismic shifts in their sales by automating their direct digital marketing assets, turning their businesses into highly-profitable enterprises for them.

    At the beginning, as an investment banker, I was called by law firms and private equity advisors seeking professional advice for clients on how to make their businesses more attractive to investors--to raise capital, or exit them.

    Most needed to close big gaps. There were under-performing sales teams, a lack of income-producing marketing assets, bad products and cash flow issues.

    Many of these companies relied too heavily on sales teams, cold-calling and overused lists. Most forfeited millions of dollars along the way.

    Every one of them was as happy as a pig in mud... except the smart ones who knew there was more in store for their businesses and were frustrated. Those were the ones worthy of my capital... and my time.

    Those business leaders often didn't know it, but they were in great need of direct digital advertising and next-level marketing assets.

    So when I started to notice that two of my investment portfolio businesses, ones I'd given working capital to, were under-performing--things got personal.

    To top it all off, I could find no in-house managers inside those two businesses capable of turning advertising and promotions into automated marketing as investible and predictable income-producing assets at the level I demanded.

    To get the cash flow growth that would drive the double-digit returns on my OWN investments in these two under-performing companies, I brought in my best past income-producing marketing assets. I put them to work. I had to do that as a marketer to get the returns I sought as an investor.

    After only a few years of running my investment bank, making angel investments, something became crystal clear in the data:

    The businesses I invested in, AND applied my high-return marketing and advertising assets, yielded thousands of percent greater returns, THAN the ones I gave ONLY capital to.

    That realization changed everything.

    From that moment forward, I stopped focusing on investing capital ONLY and started bringing breakthrough marketing and advertising assets to as many business as possible.

    This turned into something I've coined: “Results and data-driven marketing investments.”

    Soon, I was bombarded with consulting requests to help companies turn their advertising and promotions into investible income-producing growth assets.

    Think for a minute about all that's gone into building the business you work in every day.

    Go down that rabbit hole, and recall all of the time, software, meetings, knowledge, design work, team members--all the costs you've incurred to find the latest ways to game the system.

    Is some of it working?

    Probably. In the short term.

    Some of my clients sell things like plastics manufacturing, industrial products, and solar products, and many have grown with an old-school sales force where sales people contact the clients before the client sees their marketing.

    If you're in that boat and if you've not thought about automating your marketing, or adding digital marketing to your company, I would strongly suggest you consider doing so.

    For example, when we add automated digital marketing to the front-end of a client's marketing and selling process, our track record is to procure an increase of 130%  to 300% in top-line growth--with significantly reduced costs.

    If you rely mostly only on telemarketing, or a sales force to drive sales growth, you're missing a lot.

    Maybe you have an episodic income stream that’s supported by chasing new gimmicks, like CRM software, auto-responders, or digital ads that get views, clicks, or likes but do not produce enough bankable value.

    Or maybe something else has got you settling for less than you deserve. What is it?

    Your marketing must be in the form of income-producing advertising and marketing assets that deliver consistent, reliable, measurable, and bankable returns.

    You'll be a time-waster for us both, if you're not willing to admit that your results should be way better then they actually are in important areas of your business.

    If you want to kill time, take your friends to a 3-D movie. It’s just way more fun.

      You're not looking for the “easy button”
      “secret shortcuts,” or the “simple formula.”
      If you are...

      I want you to understand the importance of what I’m telling you.

      I certainly can help you, I just won’t. I’m fully skilled to help you, but I outright refuse to do it.


      Because when I talk to someone who says, “what are three simple ways to...whatever...” what I’m actually hearing is, “I’m not invested in the long term success of my own business.”

      And that really translates into “I don’t want to get to work”.

      I love working with my clients because they, like me, are ready to take serious action to implement together.

      But that takes TOUGH AS NAILS WORK to create and it takes TOUGH AS NAILS WORK to maintain.

      Are You Still Good Here?

      This is what you can expect from me.

      • Actionable and workable strategies and tactics I learned as an angel investor, investment banker (where I discovered that the marketing and advertising assets were more valuable than the capital I brought) and how you can close the gap between your marketing assets and cash flow right now, for free …which are typically followed by:
      • Frank invitations to work together with me and my team, either one-on-one or in small groups.
      • Announcements and sales offers for my best books and products as they are released.

      Just keep in mind – my invitations are always preceded by very valuable strategies and tactics you can use to get results immediately.

      You'll get that free.

      I want you to be always thinking, “Allen is the man who gives me great free resources that really help me get results. Now I really want Allen's paid resources.”

      It's very simple, huh?

      I find there is no better way to help people than by “Demonstrating I can help them by delivering the actual results they want.” Then just doing that.

      It works simply by gaining someone's real trust. That's not something I joke about.

      But you still might be wondering …

        How Do I Know You'll Deliver Good
        Old-Fashioned Quality Results?

        Well, the best way to know is to just try some of my free resources.

        If you like my materials, you’ll probably like my other trainings.

        If you don’t like it, you won’t.

        This Is Precisely What
        I Will Help You With.

        My primary focus is to help you turn promotions and advertising into profits by using automated digital marketing.

        I've created something called Automated Interest Response Engagement (AIRE).

        This is my way of saying:  “An artificial intelligence marketing method that uses customized messages based on your prospect's behavior to increase their response to your sales offering.” It's the opposite of that 80%, in other words, the top 20% of digital marketing that works.

        It is, in my experience, the Happy Smart Bomb of marketing response.

        I also focus on positioning you or your offer – which is my way of saying, “Getting Your Market of Customers to Trust You BEFORE They See A Sales Offer From You.”

        I'll do this by showing you the best way to genuinely deliver value to your prospects before they see your sales offer.

          Here's My First Offer and Invitation To You:

          Check back on this page ( on May 16th, and read some of the new articles you'll find here on my site.

          If you like them, sign up for some of my free trainings.

          If they help you, consider holding a conversation with me about hiring my team and I to implement your marketing automation for you, using Automated Interest Response Engagement (AIRE). Our contact number is: 800-449-4095, extension 712.

          Simple enough, right?

          Thank you for reading this page... It's time to get your business on the road to next-level marketing automation so that your company can reap the rewards of more efficient lead generation, higher revenue and profit-- and our technology driving unprecedented levels of new growth.


          Allen D'Angelo M.S.